We strongly believe in the impact an intervention in the urban fabric can have on the daily life of everyone. The user, the inhabitant, an accidental passer-by, everyone benefits from a well designed special environment

Context is crucial. Whether it is the smallest project or a large scale design, it will always be the surrounding environment which will dictate the framework conditions and it will be that same environment which will penalize a badly designed intervention without mercy. A good analysis of this context will be the first step in the designing process in search of a well defined answer on the design question.

Defining this design question is an important challenge. What are the specific needs? Which are the different user groups and which needs do they have? Which are the important points of attention? A good interaction with the client and possible stakeholders  is of great importance to really understand the precise problems, sensitivities and expectations the project comes with. It is only in this way a sustainable architectural answer can be obtained.



MOYAERT VAN BUYTEN Architects was founded in 2016 by architectural engineers Willem Van Buyten and Matthias Moyaert.



Besides trough architecture, Willem and Matthias also try to have an impact in surrounding environment of Vilvoorde. They founded Broeilab vzw in 2018 to combat the rising vacancies of shopping spaces in the city center.

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